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The Travel Desk

About Us

The Travel Desk was formed by two energetic young entrepreneurs as a start up in 2014. Surviving its two years of success the company mainly focused on providing air tickets to its clients. Along with an array of services such as accommodation, visa, transfers, travel insurance, tours, excursions, door to door service, 24 hour service and after sales services.

The company started off with providing innovative travel packages staying true to its vision of Inspiring New Ways while providing air tickets at the cheapest rate. Through the years we have managed to crack the myth of ‘traveling by air is expensive,’ working hard to achieve our goal; enabling everyone to travel and provide a world class service. Our mission is to make life a little less complicated.

 In a world ruled by the internet where everything is at your finger tips The Travel Desk assist you to have your travel concerns fulfilled at your finger tips. Connected with 153 airlines we are able to give you the cheapest air tickets with the best service.

 While providing you with a ticket we offer many other services. With 65,000 hotels and 153 Air lines, we are more than able to give you the best at the best price. All one has to do is pick up the phone, call us and we take care of everything for you.

The Travel Desk values each and every one of its clients making sure they receive the top notch service. With specialized consultants, we can promise to sort your visa out with no hassle. We will walk that extra mile just to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied. While Inspiring New Ways to travel, your experience as a traveller is our most valued asset, even across continents and oceans we take care of you.